From Vision to Action Events

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What: Winnemucca Futures Project: From Vision to Action

When: Tuesday September 28th AND Wednesday September 29th

Where: Winnemucca Convention Center – West Hall

Time: Doors open at 5:00pm for sign-in and refreshments – event starts at 5:30 SHARP

The public is  urged to attend the “From Vision to Action” sessions being held as part of the Winnemucca Futures Project on Tuesday September 28th and Wednesday September 29th. This two-evening event is part of a long-term planning process hosted by the Humboldt Development Authority and is the community’s opportunity to contribute and take action in key community focus areas.

By attending these events, participants will:

  • Have an opportunity to be a part of creating the future by personally identifying and developing key focus areas for action.
  • Review the preferred scenario of the Humboldt County community and choose strategic actions for implementation.
  • Link the above work to the needs of the community.

These sessions will be facilitated by David Beurle and Juliet Fox from Innovative Leadership ( This internationally-famous community and economic development duo have devoted themselves to working with rural communities across Australia, North America and Ireland with the aim to help communities use their own creativity, assets and energy to build prosperous futures.  These events are the next step in the Winnemucca Futures Project, which is designed to proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community collaboration and sustainable development through cooperative action.

An important feature of this process is that it aims to allow widespread engagement across the community and the opportunity for everyone to be part of identifying and developing action plans toward a preferred vision of the future. Understanding Humboldt County’s preferred vision for the future helps guide decision makers and leaders, along with community groups, schools and service clubs, to plan for the future.  This assists in aligning each organization’s actions with the community’s vision for the future.

This process has gathered community input in order to develop a shared plan for community and economic development.  Now we are moving From Vision to Action!



  1. Laura Hummel says:

    To Bill and David and Juliet,
    My compliments to you on a wonderful planning event last night. I am disappointed that some who should have attended did not, specifically the steering committee. I’m sure they had very good reasons for their absence, but perhaps someone should have explained. I am hopeful this time it will be a lasting effort for Winnemucca, and Humboldt County.

  2. wmcafutures says:


    Thanks for your participation in our events, you always bring interesting and important perspectives to our community work.

    All of the Steering Committee members did attend the Vision to Action event. Two of them had serious scheduling conflicts on Tuesday night, but the whole crew was on hand when we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on Wednesday night.

    Part of the capacity we are building in the community is an ability to carry on any sort of undertaking by a coalition of people instead of needing to rely on a small group. The success of our event proves that even if a couple of people are absent, we are able to move ahead. The Steering Committee, as a team, has done great work on this project, and stands as a good model of how change can be implemented and managed.

    Thanks again for your comment, and your interest in Winnemucca Futures!

    Bill Sims

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