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Our Shared Vision

The vision for Humboldt County is captured in the ‘Shared Abundance’ scenario for the future. While mining, agriculture, and tourism are still the important backbones of the economy, they are now part of a diverse economy that is complemented by other industries such as specialist manufacturing, value added resources, logistic services, and renewable energy. This diversification has reduced exposure to the ‘boom and bust’ nature of commodity cycles. The region has become known for its ability to apply creative entrepreneurial solutions and capitalizes on challenges and new opportunities.

Winnemucca and surrounding areas have pulled together in a cohesive way to create a vibrant and responsive regional community. A diversified economy has allowed for greater community prosperity, and has reduced the gap between the rich and poor. There is an expanded sense of community and Winnemucca has transitioned into a cooperative adaptable community that is shaping its own future. It is an inviting community that has high levels of active participation, good community infrastructure and a healthy culture and spirit. This makes the community attractive to young people and professionals who see a future for themselves in Humboldt County.

Surveys completed during the Winnemucca Futures Project have revealed a very strong consensus across the county that the Humboldt County 2030 Shared Abundance Vision for the Future accurately describes our shared aspirations.

Focus Areas:

The many participants at the “From Vision to Action” events agreed that in order to reach this future there are four strategic areas of focus that we must continue to nurture and develop:

Community Capacity

Build the leadership and education systems that stimulate new thinking and create opportunities.

Building the Foundation

Identify and invest in critical infrastructure foundations for future community and economic growth.

Collaborative Culture

Create an engaged and collaborative community culture that focuses on a shared vision.

Economic Diversification

Explore and develop innovative economic systems to capitalize on local strengths and embrace emerging industries.

-The Teams-

At the “From Vision to Action” event, groups of interested Humboldt County residents began a deep exploration of these areas while committing themselves to develop pathways to these goals.

Community Capacity Team

Dustin Boomhower Mike Bumgartner Jim French Sue Hawkins
Andrew Hillyer Arlene Lunen Dale Lunen Jim Kinney
Carra Otto Dave Roden Carrie Stringham

Will work on:

  • Education strategies and resources
  • Leadership development and youth integration
  • Future leadership is matched to and has capacity to fulfill the vision
  • Entrepreneurs trained in business literacy
  • Develop education / promote/ stay strong / compete globally
  • Outside experts to explore future trends
  • Capacity building to develop a large number of potential leaders for the many organizations that address issues across the community
  • Deliberate transition to new leaders
  • Transparency / volunteerism
  • Diversified education and vocational training

Building the Foundation Team

Fred Baryol Jim Billingsley David Craig Annie Drake
Leon Franklin Laura Hummel Mel Hummel Ronda Hummel
Vince Mendiola Hall Phillips Brad Schultz Steve West

Will work on:

  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Downtown as an identifiable focal point of the Winnemucca Community
  • Development of infrastructure along West and East Winnemucca Blvd.
  • Resource Development – Funding Source Exploration
  • Engaging private industry as partners in attaining goals
  • Recreational area development
  • Where resources come from to create actions and shared responsibility – match needs with actions
  • Infrastructure such as technology and broadband
  • Community Center

Collaborative Culture Team

Bill Brewer Stephen Dick Donna Kiker Alaine Kliewer
Betty Lawrence Paola Magana Bill McDonald Kathleen Moran
Di An Putnam Elizabeth Sanchez Bob Shaw

Will work on:

  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Engaging private industry as partners in attaining goals
  • Communication in community: town hall meetings
  • Culture of being open-minded and accepting new ideas
  • Keep an eye on the horizon
  • Communicate the vision in the most appropriate way to different stakeholder groups
  • Engage youth and welcome newcomers
  • Bring together existing groups around the vision
  • Directory of Organizations – Centralized point of communication

Economic Diversification Team

Mike Bell Paige Brooks Kristin Carriere Ron Cerri
Pat Donovan Patrick Gray John Himbert Ken Hladek
Mike Meagher Rich Stone

Will work on:

  • Targeted economic diversification
  • An economy that is robust and can withstand shocks
  • The continued collaborative development of an economic development plan
  • Assessment of attributes and matching needs with actions
  • Creating steady, continuous growth
  • Entrepreneurs trained in business literacy
  • Continue to develop and deploy innovative incentives
  • Focus on services, retail and industry support – retain what is strong in our community
  • Developing geological attributes
  • Employ outside experts to explore future trends – develop ongoing “Forums of Future”

These teams identified other individuals, groups, and resources who need to be at the table.  You may be called upon, and we hope you will contribute to these efforts.

If you have an interest in any of these areas of focus, or have ideas about how we might strengthen our communities, please contact one of the people listed above.  Get engaged and get involved, it is Your Home, Your Choice, and Your Future!

You can also contact us at or leave your name and a comment below.


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