Project Schedule Overview

Summary steps

May – Nov 2010

The Humboldt Development Authority (HDA) has partnered with other local organizations to initiate a county‐wide planning and engagement process to explore the future scenarios for the local area. The process will gather community input into a shared plan for local economic development and will identify key actions. HDA has contracted Innovative Leadership USA, Inc to assist with the design and implementation of this project. This company has extensive experience in regional and community planning efforts across North America and in rural settings.


Phase 1 – Project Planning and Design

(12‐14 May)

This phase, which builds on initial meetings held in late February, will involve detailed project design, scheduling and meeting with steering committee and important project partners.

Phase 2 Regional Scenario Planning Workshop

(5:00 – 9:00pm Wed June 2; 8:30am – 12:30 pm Thu June 3)

This workshop will gather critical stakeholders and representatives from across the County in a detailed exploration and examination of the future. The outcome will include description of four plausible scenarios for the County’s future. This will be a thoughtful process that examines the future before the region in a rigorous and insightful manner.

Phase 3 – Broadbased Community Engagement and Discussion

(Showcase events – July 20 and 21; and broad community engagement Aug‐Oct)

An important feature of this process is that it aims to allow widespread engagement across the community and the opportunity for citizens to be part of identifying their preferred scenario for the future. Numerous events will be held across the region to allow people to understand the Humboldt ‘scenarios for the future’ and to discuss and vote on their preferred future.

Phase 4 – Strategic Planning Workshop

(From Vision to Action Events – September 28 and 29, 5:30 to 8:30 pm)

Once community engagement process is completed; the initial stakeholder group will reassemble and review the data and survey results, confirm the preferred scenario (equated to shared vision for the future), and develop a local strategic action plan. This plan will define the roadmap to allow the county to begin building the desired future.


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