Developing Our Scenarios

The scenarios used in this project were developed by a group of local people during a workshop held on June 2nd and 3rd, 2010. These participants were invited to the workshop to intentionally provide a cross section of stakeholders representing these Seven Capitals, and also a to provide input from folks spread geographically across Humboldt County.

An overview of the process is found on these pages in this section of our website:

The Seven Capitals

Scenario Planning Participants

Scenario Planning Session One

Scenario Planning Session Two



  1. This is the sixth movement of similar nature in my 26 years in business in Winnemucca. What sets this one apart from all of the other failed attemts at revitalization? I have attended the others and will continue to involve myself with this one.

  2. wmcafutures says:


    There are a number of things that set Winnemucca Futures apart from earlier efforts. We are looking out into the future not five but 20 to 30 years, we are successfully engaging a much more broad, and larger cross-section of the community, and we are urging broader participation in the effort to put the ideas into action. It is also the first time we have attempted to create a shared community vision, and describe what that vision might look like if we act, and also to describe what the future might look like if we fail to act.

    I would also say that the previous efforts have not been failures at all, but in fact have been huge successes. All one needs to do is look around Humboldt County to see the effects. Our communities are thriving, people take great pride in their communities, they get engaged, and get things done. Sometimes the efforts we undertake in community and economic development take a long time to bear fruit, there are no quick fixes or easy answers. It takes long term vision, investment, and commitment, but things do change. In fact things always change, and we just want to have some control over the direction they take.

    Thanks for your interest, and your ongoing concern for your community. We look forward to having you on the team.

    Bill Sims
    Winnemucca Futures

  3. Laura Hummel says:

    I appreciate all of your hard work; it is probably above and beyond the requirements of your position. I, respectfully, must disagree with all or most of what you have just said. While you were busy working at a local mine some of us were involved with every whim the economic gurus of this community had. Let it Ride, Shared Abundance, Failure to Respond ‘Oops’, and The Wild Wild West do not sound new and different to me. Each and every previous attempt fizzled, and died soon after everyone walked out of the seminar. I may be the only participant at all of the previous seminars involved today. I have been involved in business here for 26 years; I would not like us to forget where we’ve been. I do not wish to ‘Reinvent the Wheel’ every few years, there is no ‘Crystal Ball’, and I am 60 years old. The most glaring “Oops” is the last one, ‘Do not brand your community with something that is yet to come or it may not come and you’ll look foolish, so brand it “Horsepower” in honor of America’s Car Collection’.

  4. Jessie says:

    I think this whole proposal is missing a key factor here. In 20-30 years, it will not be the older generation in charge, but the YOUNG that you sent into the world. We were given an education, but no job skills necessary for survival. Reinvent the wheel all you want, but I can not plausibly see these 4 scenarios being a realistic interpretation. Our society is changing at a drastic pace, on a local and international level. Thanks to technology, a lot of the community values that Winnemucca cherishes are being undercut and the taxes keep going up. The educated youth are being sent away to look for jobs that don’t exist, and the towns are left to be run by (respectfully hardworking) but misinformed elders. I look forward to bringing my ideas to life and being involved in your next activities.

  5. Bill Sims says:


    Thanks for your comment, and your input.

    One of the things we tried to do during the scenario planning and strategic planning efforts of this project, was to get the younger members of our community engaged in the conversations, and in the future planning. As you can see in the data presented about the age of the people we did attract, we failed to get the under 30 crowd involved.

    You are absolutely correct about the people who will be in charge in 20 to 30 years, and about the rapid changes sweeping over the world. Our hope was to get people in our communities engaged in conversations about the future, and in that regard we are making some progress.

    We would love to have you engaged, and I will contact you directly so we can explore the possibilities.

    Thanks again,

    Bill Sims
    The Winnemucca Futures Project

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