The Seven Capitals

The first major task of the steering committee was to develop the long list of people to be invited to the Scenario Planning sessions, to make sure that the many community building assets of the Humboldt County community would be well represented. These “Seven Capitals” are shown in the diagram below.

Natural Capital:
Air quality, land, water and water quality, natural resources, biodiversity, scenery
Cultural Capital:
Values, heritage recognition and celebration
Human Capital:
Population, education, skills, health, creativity, youth, diverse groups
Social Capital: Trust, norms of reciprocity, network structure, group membership, cooperation, common vision and goals, leadership, depersonalization of politics, acceptance of alternative views, diverse representation
Political Capital: Level of community organization through the use of government; ability of government to garner resources for the community
Financial Capital: Tax burden/savings, state and federal tax monies, philanthropic donations, grants, contracts, regulatory exemption, investments, reallocation, loans, poverty rates
Built Capital: Housing, transportation infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure and hardware, utilities, buildings

For more on the “Seven Capitals” please refer to this document from the North Central Center for Rural Development: Community Capitals


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